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T-Mobile Targets AT&T, Verizon With Cheap Holiday Deal

A popular deal is coming back.

The competition for new customers in the mobile carrier game is tight, and T-Mobile isn’t afraid to throw some elbows to come out ahead.

The three main carriers, T-Mobile  (TMUS) - Get Free Report, AT&T  (T) - Get Free Report and Verizon  (VZ) - Get Free Report, are constantly trying to get customers to switch to them, while also introducing incentives to keep their existing customers happy, so they’ll stay put.

In 2013, T-Mobile’s former CEO John Legere launched the company’s “uncarrier,” program, which did away with the industry standard of locking customers into two-year programs. Legere noted at the time that "customers love smartphones, everyone hates contracts.”

This move ended up pushing the industry away from multiyear contracts to allow customers to pay month per month. This has freed up the cell phone customer base to shop around and switch carriers until they find a deal they like.

Cellphone customers are notoriously not a loyal bunch, and T-Mobile has been making aggressive pitches to lure customers their way by offering as many bonuses as possible.

T-Mobile Wants You To Like Them

T-Mobile is the mobile carrier equivalent of mom’s new boyfriend; so eager to win your affection that he’ll shower you in gifts.

As part of its Coverage Beyond program, the company offers free, unlimited wi-fi to customers, including streaming, to passengers flying on Delta, American, Alaska Airlines and United Airlines. This perk is for customers on the Magenta MAX or Magenta plans, which run between $60 to $70 a month. The lower-priced plan only covers four flights per year, with a free hour for every flight after that. 

The company has also announced that customers on the Magenta Max program are eligible to get a free one-year subscription to Apple+, Netflix or Paramount+. 

In case these offers make someone T-Mobile curious, the company introduced the Easy Switch program, which allows customers to switch up to five lines to a T-Mobile plan. 

The company claims it will only take about five minutes to make the switch with an unlocked eSIM-compatible smartphone, and also has information on how customers can unlock their phone. (A phone is “locked” when it can only be used with a certain carrier.) Additionally, if customers still owe money on their phones, the company is offering to pay off their device up to $1,000 as part of its Keep & Switch offer.

But just in case this still isn’t enough, T-Mobile is introducing another offer. Or more accurately, bringing back a once popular deal.

T-Mobile Lead KL 083122

T-Mobile Wants You To Line Up

T-Mobile is bringing back a deal in which a household can get four lines for $25 a line. This monthly offer includes unlimited talk, text and data, and access to 5G. The deal is $25 per line per month with autopay; without autopay, there will be an additional charge of $5 per line.

This deal has not been available since 2020, and is only available for what the company calls “a limited time.” The Street has reached out for more information about when this offer will end. 

A $35 per line device connection charge will be due at sale.