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Popeyes Wants in on Black Friday Festivities

Here's how to snag a free chicken sandwich this Black Friday through Cyber Week.

Restaurant Brands International  (QSR) - Get Free Report fried chicken chain Popeyes might be the first name you think of when someone says "fried chicken." And that would be fair.

The New Orleans-based Popeyes just celebrated its 50th birthday in June, and has grown from a small restaurant in the suburbs to a multinational Southern food staple. Of course, the chain's move into the spotlight in 2019 helped solidify that reputation: People were lining up around buildings and blocks to get their hands on the highly-coveted Popeyes Chicken Sandwich. Most locations sold out quickly.

Since then, Popeyes (and everyone else) has been looking to recreate the chicken sandwich phenomenon. In celebration of the big 5-0, customers who ordered $5 or more worth of food through the Popeyes app could add two pieces of chicken for 59 cents--that's how much a two-piece cost when the restaurant opened in 1972.

And these days, Popeyes is frequently introducing (or reintroducing) exciting menu items, including delicious dessert options--because what's a Southern meal if you don't finish it off with pie?

On Nov. 15, Popeyes introduced the world to its Blackened Chicken Sandwich, a non-breaded chicken option on a bun with pickles and classic or spicy mayo. The limited-time offer is about to become even more exclusive, thanks to Popeyes new Black Friday promotion.

Popeyes INSIDE JS 112322

Celebrate 'Blackened' Friday with Popeyes

For those needing to fuel up during holiday shopping, Popeyes is offering a sweet deal for customers ordering pick-up and delivery on mobile. Whether through the Popeye's app or, customers who order any Chicken Sandwich combo can get one Chicken Sandwich for free.

The event's play on words is a nice nudge encouraging customers to get excited for the new Blackened Chicken Sandwich that debuted last week. But you can choose between blackened, regular fried, or spicy fried free chicken sammies on "Blackened" Friday, Nov. 25, through the end of Cyber Week, Dec. 4. 

Popeyes Blackened Chicken Sandwich has been doing well in taste tests, and reportedly packs the crunch you might be afraid to lose with all that breading. And if you haven't had the chance to try for yourself, the "Blackened" Friday festivities are a great time to find out at no cost.

Popeyes Brings Cajun Seasoning to the Season

When it comes to food offerings, Popeyes definitely knows how to celebrate a special occasion. The restaurant is also offering its Cajun-style Turkey for folks to take home on Thanksgiving. And yes, it's a whole turkey, fully prepared, without all the hassle on your part

Popeyes is always looking for new and creative updates to its menu offerings. Popeyes President Sami Siddiqu told TheStreet in May that the Popeyes team does "a bunch of research to understand who our guests are, what they want and even who our guests are not. The folks who may not come to us as often, what do they want?" While the famous fried chicken brand has yet to recapture that illusive food-culture craze moment created by their first Chicken Sandwich, taking advantage of another American culture craze, like Black Friday, is a clever move.