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Burger King Menu Adds Free Stuff, 12 Days of Deals

The fast-food chain wants to take customers from Wendy's and McDonald's with bold holiday offers.

Burger King has been competing against its rivals for decades, always coming in behind McDonald's --and now Wendy's too --- and using its claim to having a fresh burger cooked over a flame to entice customers who want that smoky flavor.

Burger King has brought us the Impossible Whopper as well, the vegan fast-food burger.

The Impossible Burger is considered a good choice by many diners and also a good value. However, if a vegan orders the Impossible Burger, they need to remember to order it without mayo or cheese and on a clean grill, to avoid any meat products from coming in contact with the burger before it’s served up.

Restaurant Brands International's (QSR) - Get Free Report Burger King has sometimes rallied in its attempts to bring about a new and successful product like when it brought the all-white chicken breast tenders to the menu. Sometimes it tries to invent something like the ‘Satisfries,’ a healthier option to french fries that weren’t all they were cracked up to be and were eventually dropped from the menu. A clue may have been that if customers are going to Burger King, they want fast, affordable and tasty, not necessarily healthy.

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Home of the Whopper, Home of Christmas Cheer

Burger King has captured the Christmas spirit and has brought back its 12 Days of Christmas Deals. The 12 Days of Deals will launch on Dec 6 and is available through the Burger King app for Royal Perks members. Royal Perks is the Burger King loyalty program, which is free to join. Instead of earning points customers earn crowns, following the Burger King theme. Royal Perk members earn a Royal Perk Crown 10 crowns for every $1 spent.

The 12 Days of Deals at Burger King offers these deals for the holidays:

  • Dec 6: With $1 purchase get a Free Whopper Jr.
  • Dec 7: Get a Whopper or Impossible Whopper for only $3.
  • Dec 8: With $1 purchase get a Free Single Croissan’wich.
  • Dec 9: Whopper Meal for only $5.
  • Dec 10: Order of $5 or more, get free delivery.
  • Dec 11: Spend $20 or more get $3 off.
  • Dec 12: With $1 purchase get a Free Cheeseburger.
  • Dec 13: With $1 purchase get a Free Original Chicken Sandwich.
  • Dec 14: Get Whopper or Impossible Whopper for only $3.
  • Dec 15: Get a Double Whopper and small fries for only $5.
  • Dec 16: With $1 purchase get a Free Hershey’s Sundae Pie.
  • Dec 17: On all eligible purchases, Get 3 times Crowns earned.

Burger King Also Adds a Special Gift

The holiday deals don’t end there, Burger King will also offer a surprise holiday gift. So, if you like surprises, you need to sign up for the Burger King app and get on the Royal Perks membership.

The 12 Days of Christmas Deals promotion is Burger King's latest food promotion coming on the heels of its 65th anniversary of the Whopper on Nov. 30, when it "airdropped" 65,000 free Whopper app codes in New York's Times Square and at @Burgerking on Instagram. The free Whopper coupons on the app remain active until Dec. 7. Participants in the 65th anniversary free Whopper promotion needed to register with the Royal Perks app.