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E-commerce Giant Alibaba's Home Province Wants To Become A Global Digital Trade Hub By 2025

Global-E Online Offers High Risk for Potential High Rewards

Timothy Collins is impressed with Global-E Online's potential.

Ford Logo Lead Graphic

Ford Delays Office Reopening Until At Least March

An email to 30,000 salaried employees said that the company will be starting its hybrid return-to-office model in February instead of January.

NYSE Stock Market Wall Street Trader

UBS Sees S&P 500 Hitting 5,000, Finishing 2022 at 4,850

While Federal Reserve interest-rate hikes may be a negative for the market, the runup to them is not, says UBS's Keith Parker.

Alibaba Lead

Did Alibaba Just Bottom? Let’s Look at the Chart

Alibaba stock is still down about 60% from its all-time high. When will the stock's decline end?

Doordash Lead

DoorDash Takes On Amazon, Walmart With Quick-Service Plan in NYC

DoorDash said it's implementing 10- to 15-minute delivery service in New York City, as it takes on Amazon, Walmart and the big grocery chains.

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 15, 2020: US Army National Guard hand out food and other essentials for people in need at a food pantry amid the COVID-19 pandemic on May 15, 2020 in Queens borough of New York City.

Outgoing NYC Mayor Mandates Covid Vaccines for Private-Sector Workers

The mandate could cover as many as 3.6 million private sector jobs and is scheduled to take effect less than a week before the current mayor leaves office for good.

bitcoin copy

Defendant Ordered to Pay $100 Million in Multibillion Bitcoin Case

Craig Wright avoids a potential multibillion-dollar verdict in bitcoin trial.

Dollar Tree Lead

Dollar Tree Balance Sheet Less Promising

Guilfoyle sees plenty of overbought indicators for discount retailer.

Carnival Cruise Lines Lead

Cruise Stocks Sail Amid Optimism About Covid Omicron Strain

White House Chief Medical Advisor Anthony Fauci said initial indications about the severity of omicron are 'a bit encouraging.'

Wall Street Lead

Dow Surges Over 700 Points as Omicron Worries Fade

Stocks surge as concerns about the omicron variant fade and investors turn their attention to key inflation date due out later this week.