Address And Details

One Financial Center , Boston, MA 02111
Fund Manager Kevin Kearns
Manager Tenure 9 Years 6 Months

Strategy And Objective

The Fund s investment objective is high total investment return through a combination of current income and capital appreciation. The Fund will normally invest at least 80% of its net assets (plus any borrowings made for investment purposes) in inflation-protected securities. The emphasis will be on debt securities issued by the U.S. Treasury (Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities, or TIPS ). The principal value of these securities is periodically adjusted according to the rate of inflation, and repayment of the original bond principal upon maturity is guaranteed by the U.S. government. In deciding which securities to buy and sell, Loomis Sayles may consider a number of factors related to the bond issue and the current bond market, for example, the stability and volatility of a country s bond markets, the financial strength of the issuer, current interest rates, current valuations, Loomis Sayles expectations regarding general trends in interest rates and currency considerations. Loomis Sayles will also consider how purchasing or selling a bond would impact the overall portfolio s risk profile (for example, its sensitivity to currency risk, interest rate risk and sector-specific risk) and potential return (income and capital gains). The Fund may invest in other securities, including but not limited to inflation-protected debt securities issued by U.S. government agencies and instrumentalities other than the U.S. Treasury, by other entities such as corporations and foreign governments and by foreign issuers. The Fund may also invest in nominal (i.e., non-inflation-protected) treasury securities, corporate bonds, securities issued pursuant to Rule 144A under the Securities Act of 1933 ( Rule 144A securities ), structured notes, collateralized loan obligations, asset-backed securities and mortgage-related securities, including mortgage dollar rolls, and may invest up to 10% of its assets in below investment-grade fixed-income securities (commonly known as junk bonds ). Below investment-grade fixed-income securities are rated below investment-grade quality (i.e., none of the three major rating agencies (Moody s Investors Service, Inc., Fitch Investor Services, Inc. or S&P Global Ratings) have rated the securities in one of their respective top four ratings categories). The Fund s fixed-income securities investments may include unrated securities (securities that are not rated by a rating agency) if Loomis Sayles determines that the securities are of comparable quality to rated securities that the Fund may purchase. The Fund may invest in fixed-income securities of any maturity. The Fund may also invest in swaps (including credit default swaps, in which one party agrees to make periodic payments to a counterparty in exchange for the right to receive a payment in the event of a default of the underlying reference security) and other derivatives. The Fund may also engage in futures transactions and foreign currency transactions (such as forward currency contracts).

Net Asset Value

as of 4:58 PM ET 10/21/2021


  • 1 Week
  • -0.17%
  • 1 Month
  • -1.55%
  • 3 Months
  • -0.50%
  • 1 Yr Return
  • +2.38%
  • 5 Yr Return
  • +13.48%

Equity Sector Breakdown

ConsumerDurables n/a
Energy n/a
Finance n/a
Health n/a
IndustrialCyclical n/a
NonDurables n/a
RetailTrade n/a
Services n/a
Technology n/a
Utilities n/a

Asset Allocation

Asset Type % Of Allocation
Bonds 98.57%
Cash 0.91%
Other 0.52%
Stocks 0.00%
Preferred 0.00%
Convertible 0.00%
ForeignStocks 0.00%
ForeignBonds 0.00%
ForeignHedged 0.00%
Total Net Assets 108.89 M

Risk Measures

Criteria 3 Years 5 Years 10 Years
Alpha 2.40 1.80 -0.27
Beta 1.04 1.01 1.18
R Squared 0.67 0.70 0.68
Std Deviation 4.39 3.93 4.25
Sharpe Ratio 1.61 0.95 n/a

Purchase Information

as of 5:19 PM ET 10/20/2021
Minimum Initial $100000
Minimum Additional $50
Minimum Initial IRA $0


Timeframe Average Annual Current Performance Monthly As Of 09/30/2021 Average Annual Current Performance Quarterly As Of 09/30/2021 Avg Annual Current Performance Monthly As Of 09/30/2021 Avg Annual Current Performance Quarterly As Of 09/30/2021
1 Year
  • +5.33%
  • +5.33%
+5.33% +5.33%
3 Year
  • +8.04%
  • +8.04%
+8.04% +8.04%
10 Year
  • +3.15%
  • +3.15%
+3.15% +3.15%
Life Of Fund
  • +6.02%
  • +6.02%
+6.02% +6.02%

Top 10 Holdings

Symbol Company Name % Of Assets


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