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Coronavirus: Hong Kong Finance Chief Pushes For Lead Role In Global Supply Chain, Technology Amid Pandemic, But Economists Suggest City Ill-suited For The Task

Supply Chain Woes Will Ease in Q1, Analyst Says

Supply chain disruptions are expected to improve next year, including for the auto sector as chip availability may rise modestly.


BofA Cites ETFs XLE, HDV, SCHD, VYM, Others as Inflation Fighters

The funds are 'buy-rated ETFs with above-market dividends and high exposure to inflation-protected sectors,' BofA said.

Video: Here's How Goldman Sachs May Change Under David Solomon

Goldman Sachs CEO Solomon: Many Markets Look Frothy

'I’m not a believer that double-digit equity returns compounding in perpetuity is something as an investor you should expect,' Goldman Sachs's CEO says.

After Instagram Co-Founders' Surprise Exit, a Veteran Facebook VP Could Step In

Instagram Attempts to Fix Safety Issues for Teens on Platform

Internal documents and research reveal that top executives at Meta knew about the harmful effects of Instagram on young girls.

Why Jim Cramer's Concerned About Facebook's Outage

Amazon, AWS Users Report Issues With Services

The AWS issue could have wide-ranging effects as different companies use Amazon servers for data storage.

Twitter Lead

Twitter Snaps Up Slack Competitor Quill In Bid to Own DMs

The details of the acquisition, particularly how much it cost, are not being made public.

13 wells fargo Roman Tiraspolsky : Shutterstock

Wells Fargo Borrower Defaults Creeping Higher, CEO Says

Wells Fargo is seeing 'very, very small amounts of delinquency increases,' Wells Fargo CEO Charles Scharf says. 'The bottom has been reached.'

Cathie Wood Lead

Did Cathie Wood’s ARKK Fund Just Bottom...Again?

Did the Ark Innovation ETF just bottom? It's certainly possible, with the way the ETF has been trading this week. Let's look at the chart and key levels now.

Jim Cramer Talks Intel, Mobileye, United Technologies, Boeing and Oil

Buy Intel on Plans for Mobileye IPO?

Intel stock is rallying news that it will IPO its Mobileye business next year. Does that make the stock a buy?

3. Tim Cook

Apple's Tim Cook Signed Secret $275 Billion Deal With China: Report

Tim Cook signed a deal worth more than $275 billion with the Chinese government in 2016 during a string of visits to the country.