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Address And Details

32 Old Slip , New York, NY 10005
Fund Manager Team Managed
Manager Tenure

Strategy And Objective

The Goldman Sachs Technology Opportunities Fund (the Fund ) seeks long-term growth of capital. The Fund invests, under normal circumstances, at least 80% of its net assets plus any borrowings for investment purposes (measured at the time of purchase) ( Net Assets ) in equity investments in technology companies, as described below. The Fund seeks to achieve its investment objective by investing, under normal circumstances, in companies that are considered by the Investment Adviser to benefit from the proliferation of technology. Although the Fund invests primarily in publicly traded U.S. securities, it may invest up to 25% of its total assets measured at the time of purchase ( Total Assets ) in foreign securities, including securities of issuers in countries with emerging markets or economies ( emerging countries ) and securities quoted in foreign currencies. The Fund may also invest in privately held companies and companies that only recently began to trade publicly. The Fund s fundamental equity growth investment process involves evaluating potential investments based on specific characteristics believed to indicate a high-quality business with sustainable growth, including strong business franchises, favorable long-term prospects, and excellent management. The Investment Adviser will also consider valuation of companies when determining whether to buy and/or sell securities. The Investment Adviser may integrate environmental, social and governance ( ESG ) factors with traditional fundamental factors as part of its fundamental research process. No one factor or consideration is determinative in the stock selection process. The Investment Adviser may decide to sell a position for various reasons, including when a company s fundamental outlook deteriorates, because of valuation and price considerations, for risk management purposes, or when a company is deemed to be misallocating capital. In addition, the Investment Adviser may sell a position in order to meet shareholder redemptions. The Fund intends to invest a substantial portion of its assets in technology companies. In general, the Investment Adviser defines a technology company as a high-quality technology, services, media or telecommunications company that adopts or uses technology to improve its cost structure, revenue opportunities or competitive advantage. The Investment Adviser seeks to identify technology companies that exhibit many of the following characteristics: Strong brand name; Dominant market share; Recurring revenue streams; Free cash flow generation; Long product life cycle; Enduring competitive advantage; and Excellent management. The Investment Adviser seeks to identify technology companies that are promising growth businesses. These companies may grow revenue by increasing sales volumes, prices, customers and market share. The Internet is an example of a technology that the Investment Adviser believes will drive growth for many technology businesses. The Internet has had, and is expected to continue to have, a significant impact on the global economy, as it changes the way many companies operate. Benefits of the Internet for businesses may include global scalability, acquisition of new clients, new revenue sources and increased efficiencies. Technology companies adopting innovative Internet technologies to improve their business models include providers of infrastructure, software, hardware and services. The Fund will invest at least 25% of its Total Assets in companies in one or more of the media, telecommunications, technology and/or Internet industries. Because of its focus on technology, telecommunications, Internet, services and media companies, the Fund s investment performance will be closely tied to many factors which affect these companies. These factors include intense competition, consumer preferences, problems with product compatibility and government regulation. The Fund s investments may experience significant price movements caused by disproportionate investor optimism or pessimism with little or no basis in fundamental economic conditions. The Fund may also invest in a relatively few number of issuers. As a result, the Fund s net asset value ( NAV ) is more likely to have greater fluctuations than that of a fund which is more diversified or invests in other industries. The Fund s benchmark index is the NASDAQ Composite Total Return Index.

Net Asset Value

as of 6:25 PM ET 01/19/2022


  • 1 Week
  • -6.20%
  • 1 Month
  • -7.65%
  • 3 Months
  • -24.99%
  • 1 Yr Return
  • -8.07%
  • 5 Yr Return
  • +41.94%

Equity Sector Breakdown

Technology 66.98%
RetailTrade 12.03%
Finance 6.45%
Services 4.98%
NonDurables 1.87%
ConsumerDurables n/a
Energy n/a
Health n/a
IndustrialCyclical n/a
Utilities n/a

Asset Allocation

Asset Type % Of Allocation
Stocks 98.39%
ForeignStocks 8.65%
Other 2.02%
Cash 0.00%
Bonds 0.00%
Preferred 0.00%
Convertible 0.00%
ForeignBonds 0.00%
ForeignHedged 0.00%
Total Net Assets 503.55 M

Risk Measures

Criteria 3 Years 5 Years 10 Years
Alpha 8.25 8.87 3.60
Beta 0.95 0.97 1.04
R Squared 0.85 0.79 0.73
Std Deviation 17.93 16.86 15.88
Sharpe Ratio 1.98 1.68 n/a

Purchase Information

as of 6:57 PM ET 01/18/2022
Minimum Initial $1000
Minimum Additional $50
Minimum Initial IRA $250


Timeframe Average Annual Current Performance Monthly As Of 12/31/2021 Average Annual Current Performance Quarterly As Of 12/31/2021 Avg Annual Current Performance Monthly As Of 12/31/2021 Avg Annual Current Performance Quarterly As Of 12/31/2021
1 Year
  • +21.36%
  • +21.36%
+21.36% +21.36%
3 Year
  • +34.51%
  • +34.51%
+34.51% +34.51%
10 Year
  • +20.93%
  • +20.93%
+20.93% +20.93%
Life Of Fund
  • +9.66%
  • +9.66%
+9.66% +9.66%

Top 10 Holdings

Symbol Company Name % Of Assets


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