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square fintech app

Jack Dorsey Says Square Is Changing Its Name To Block

CEO of financial payments company announces move just two days after leaving Twitter.

Wells Fargo Execs Encouraged Bankers to Push Overdraft Protection

JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and Bank of America Top Overdraft 'Fee Harvesters'

The three big banks took in 44% of all overdraft fees in its most recent year charted, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau found.

mortgage rates home house real estate sh

Will Omicron Impact Mortgage Rates?

Investors could seek a flight to safety as new variant whipsaws world markets.

Inflation Lead

Inflation Will Linger, OECD Says, With Omicron Impact Unknown

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development predicts longer prices for a while, but omicron might change that.

Bret Taylor Marc Benioff Lead

Salesforce Joins the List of Companies With Two CEOs. Here's a Look at How They're Doing

A brief summary of how companies like Netflix, Workday, KKR and Waymo have fared under a twin power sharing arrangement at the top.

Vaccine Lead

Cramer: U.S. Government Should Make Covid Vaccine Mandatory Nationwide

Jim Cramer says the only way to get back to normal is for the U.S. to make the Covid vaccine mandatory, and he says the military should help administer the program.

Cathie Wood Lead

Cathie Wood: My Stocks Aren't in a Bubble, but Yours May Be

'Our strategies would be flying if we were [in a bubble]. I think we have not begun rewarding innovation,' said Ark's Wood.

Bitcoin vs. Ethereum Lead

Ethereum Sees Wild Day as Price Soars to Near Record Levels

Ethereum prices waver late Wednesday after rising sharply earlier in the day.

PANDORA Jewelry Plans Expansion to Meet Growing Global Demand

Jewelry Chain Pandora Will Stay Away From Amazon And Farfetch, CEO Says

Jewelry chain Pandora is choosing to expand its own digital and brick-and-mortar presence instead of joining marketplaces like Amazon or Farfetch.