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Address And Details

2005 Market St. , Philadelphia, PA 19103
Fund Manager Team Managed
Manager Tenure

Strategy And Objective

Delaware National High-Yield Municipal Bond Fund seeks a high level of current income exempt from federal income tax primarily through investment in medium- and lower-grade municipal obligations. Under normal circumstances, the Fund will invest at least 80% of its net assets, plus the amount of any borrowings for investment purposes, in municipal securities the income from which is exempt from federal income tax. This is a fundamental investment policy that may not be changed without prior shareholder approval. Municipal debt obligations are issued by state and local governments to raise funds for various public purposes such as hospitals, schools, and general capital expenses. The Fund will invest its assets in securities with maturities of various lengths, depending on market conditions, but will typically have a dollar-weighted average effective maturity between 5 and 30 years. The Manager will adjust the average maturity of the bonds in the portfolio to attempt to provide a high level of tax-exempt income consistent with preservation of capital. The Fund s income will vary depending on current interest rates and the specific securities in the portfolio. The Fund may concentrate its investments in certain types of bonds or in a certain segment of the municipal bond market when the supply of bonds in other sectors does not suit its investment needs. The types of municipal debt obligations in which the Fund may invest include, but are not limited to, advance refunded bonds, revenue bonds, general obligation bonds, insured municipal bonds, private activity bonds, municipal leases, and certificates of participation.

Net Asset Value

as of 5:42 PM ET 11/26/2021


  • 1 Week
  • 0.00%
  • 1 Month
  • +0.84%
  • 3 Months
  • -0.91%
  • 1 Yr Return
  • +5.48%
  • 5 Yr Return
  • +12.43%

Equity Sector Breakdown

ConsumerDurables n/a
Energy n/a
Finance n/a
Health n/a
IndustrialCyclical n/a
NonDurables n/a
RetailTrade n/a
Services n/a
Technology n/a
Utilities n/a

Asset Allocation

Asset Type % Of Allocation
Bonds 101.00%
Stocks 0.00%
Cash 0.00%
Preferred 0.00%
Convertible 0.00%
ForeignStocks 0.00%
ForeignBonds 0.00%
ForeignHedged 0.00%
Other -1.00%
Total Net Assets 248.47 M

Risk Measures

Criteria 3 Years 5 Years 10 Years
Alpha -1.68 0.65 0.65
Beta 1.97 1.65 1.54
R Squared 0.79 0.75 0.78
Std Deviation 8.79 7.39 6.28
Sharpe Ratio 0.77 0.63 n/a

Purchase Information

as of 5:31 PM ET 11/24/2021
Minimum Initial $1000
Minimum Additional $100
Minimum Initial IRA $0


Timeframe Average Annual Current Performance Monthly As Of 10/31/2021 Average Annual Current Performance Quarterly As Of 09/30/2021 Avg Annual Current Performance Monthly As Of 10/31/2021 Avg Annual Current Performance Quarterly As Of 09/30/2021
1 Year
  • +10.93%
  • +10.86%
+10.93% +10.86%
3 Year
  • +7.53%
  • +7.11%
+7.53% +7.11%
10 Year
  • +6.25%
  • +6.23%
+6.25% +6.23%
Life Of Fund
  • +6.22%
  • +6.24%
+6.22% +6.24%

Top 10 Holdings

Symbol Company Name % Of Assets


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