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Squid Game Lead

Netflix Leans Into Korean Content Following Squid Games Success

Netflix plans to bring more than 25 new Korean shows and movies to its streaming service in 2022.

M&M's Lead

M&Ms Revamps Beloved Characters With Less Sexist Look

The two visibly female M&M characters will now throw "shine and not shade."

Meng Wanzhou is accused of misleading HSBC about Huawei's relationship with a company operating in Iran. Photo: Sam Tsang

HSBC Turns Neutral on U.S. Stocks Amid Economic Concerns

HSBC strategist Max Kettner is worried about slowing growth, rising bond yields and Federal Reserve tightening.

Ford Lead

Ford Stock Is Lower This Week. When to Buy the Dip? The Chart Hints.

Ford stock is down about 10% so far this week. Is this an opportunity for the bulls or do they need to see more downside first?

Allbirds Lead

Most Americans Shopped At A Direct To Consumer Brand in 2021

Even traditional brands like Nike have moved more to a DTC model.

Jim Cramer: Peloton Is 'Overly Hated'

Peloton Stock Craters Following Report of Production Halt, Waning Fitness Demand

Peloton shares hit a two-year low Thursday after CNBC reported the group will temporarily pause production of its connected fitness equipment amid a "significant" slump in consumer demand.

Eric Adams Bitcoin Lead

New York Mayor to Get First Paycheck in Crypto

Mayor Eric Adams says he wants New York to be 'the center of cryptocurrency.'

Citigroup Lead

Goldman, Citi and Others Ask U.K. Workers to Return to Offices

Major companies, like Goldman and Citi, are asking workers to return to their offices after the U.K. government dropped its work-from-home guidance.

Good News for Homeowners: Housing Prices Continue to Climb

NYC, Chicago Area Housing Markets Seen as Unaffordable -- and Vulnerable

The Chicago and New York City areas each had eight of the most at-risk housing counties on a list created by data firm Attom.

Fantasy Sports Fans Can't Play Their Games in New York Today

1 Sports Betting Stat May Help MGM, Caesars, DraftKings Investors

The share of adults who said they bet on sports, regardless of frequency, rose to 25% in December from 20% in January.