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Address And Details

One Grand Central Place, 60 East 42nd St, Sui , New York, NY 10165
Fund Manager Robert Jones
Manager Tenure 23 Years 1 Months

Strategy And Objective

The Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation while reducing exposure to general equity market risk. The Fund seeks a total return greater than that of the S&P 500 ® Index over a full market cycle. The Fund invests in long positions in stocks identified by the Adviser as undervalued and takes short positions in stocks that the Adviser has identified as overvalued. The cash proceeds from short sales will be invested in short-term cash instruments to produce a return on such proceeds just below the federal funds rate. Short sales are considered speculative transactions and a form of leverage. The Fund invests, both long and short, in securities principally traded in the United States markets. The Fund may invest in securities of companies operating for three years or less ( unseasoned issuers ). The Adviser will determine the size of each long or short position by analyzing the tradeoff between the attractiveness of each position and its impact on the risk of the overall portfolio. The Fund seeks to construct a portfolio that has less volatility than the United States equity market generally. The Adviser examines various factors in determining the value characteristics of such issuers including price-to-book value ratios and price-to-earnings ratios. These value characteristics are examined in the context of the issuer s operating and financial fundamentals such as return on equity, earnings growth and cash flow. The Adviser selects securities for the Fund based on a continuous study of trends in industries and companies, earnings power and growth and other investment criteria. The Adviser will sell a stock when it no longer meets one or more investment criteria, either through obtaining target value or due to an adverse change in fundamentals or business momentum. Each holding has a target valuation established at purchase, which the Adviser constantly monitors and adjusts as appropriate. The Fund intends, under normal circumstances, to invest at least 80% of its net assets (including borrowings for investment purposes) in equity securities. Under normal circumstances, the Adviser expects that the Fund s long positions will not exceed approximately 125% of the Fund s net assets. The Fund s long and short positions may involve (without limit) equity securities of foreign issuers that are traded in the markets of the United States. The Fund may also invest up to 20% of its total assets directly in equity securities of foreign issuers. To meet margin requirements, redemptions or pending investments, the Fund may also temporarily hold a portion of its assets in full faith and credit obligations of the United States government and in short-term notes, commercial paper or other money market instruments. The Fund may participate as a purchaser in initial public offerings of securities ( IPO ). An IPO is a company s first offering of stock to the public. The Fund may invest from time to time a significant portion of its assets in smaller issuers which are more volatile and less liquid than investments in issuers with larger market capitalizations. The Fund may invest up to 15% of its net assets in illiquid securities, including securities that are illiquid by virtue of the absence of a readily available market or legal or contractual restrictions on resale. In general, the Fund s investments are broadly diversified over a number of industries and, as a matter of policy, the Fund is limited to investing a maximum of 25% of its total assets in any one industry. The Fund may invest up to 20% of its net assets in high yield debt obligations, such as bonds and debentures, used by corporations and other business organizations. High yield debt obligations are referred to as junk bonds and are not considered to be investment grade. While the Adviser intends to fully invest the Fund s assets at all times in accordance with the above-mentioned policies, the Fund reserves the right to hold up to 100% of its assets, as a temporary defensive measure, in cash and eligible U.S. dollar-denominated money market instruments and make investments inconsistent with its investment objective. The Adviser will determine when market conditions warrant temporary defensive measures.

Net Asset Value

as of 6:17 PM ET 12/08/2021


  • 1 Week
  • +3.92%
  • 1 Month
  • +2.58%
  • 3 Months
  • +4.44%
  • 1 Yr Return
  • +23.88%
  • 5 Yr Return
  • -38.42%

Equity Sector Breakdown

Finance 23.25%
Technology 15.16%
Services 14.19%
IndustrialCyclical 10.61%
Health 10.47%
RetailTrade 7.52%
Energy 4.66%
NonDurables 4.52%
ConsumerDurables 4.10%
Utilities n/a

Asset Allocation

Asset Type % Of Allocation
Stocks 100.10%
ForeignStocks 14.11%
Cash 0.00%
Bonds 0.00%
Preferred 0.00%
Convertible 0.00%
Other 0.00%
ForeignBonds 0.00%
ForeignHedged 0.00%
Total Net Assets 11.44 M

Risk Measures

Criteria 3 Years 5 Years 10 Years
Alpha -7.45 -7.99 -3.85
Beta 0.67 0.66 0.54
R Squared 0.54 0.49 0.35
Std Deviation 16.67 14.41 11.96
Sharpe Ratio 0.36 0.23 n/a

Purchase Information

as of 5:49 PM ET 12/07/2021
Minimum Initial $2500
Minimum Additional $100
Minimum Initial IRA $0


Timeframe Average Annual Current Performance Monthly As Of 11/30/2021 Average Annual Current Performance Quarterly As Of 09/30/2021 Avg Annual Current Performance Monthly As Of 11/30/2021 Avg Annual Current Performance Quarterly As Of 09/30/2021
1 Year
  • +21.85%
  • +33.28%
+21.85% +33.28%
3 Year
  • +4.88%
  • +4.14%
+4.88% +4.14%
10 Year
  • +5.09%
  • +5.74%
+5.09% +5.74%
Life Of Fund
  • +8.67%
  • +8.77%
+8.67% +8.77%

Top 10 Holdings

Symbol Company Name % Of Assets


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