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High-Multiple Stocks Get Shattered

We're at the point in this oil-driven mini-bear where the pretty faces get their 'awards' yanked away.

In Support of High-Multiple Stocks

If you avoid these stocks, you miss out on solid upside when things get better.

Zimmer Shares Dip on Guidance

Zimmer Shares Dip on Guidance

After-hours traders ignore the company's strong second-quarter results.

Zimmer Moves Ahead of Earnings

The stock is lower now, and Cramer is considering how to trade it.

Oversold Opening

Cramer spots a chance to make some trades this morning as the market veers to one side of the oscillator.

Jim Cramer's Action Alerts PLUS Weekly Roundup

After a tough week in the market, Cramer's got one eye on the portfolio and the other on his watch list.

Stryker Weighs on Zimmer

Cramer has to assess whether trouble for a holding's competitor means trouble for his shares.

Jim Cramer's Action Alerts PLUS Weekly Roundup

With the market crumbling, Cramer has to insulate the portfolio against losses and set up for better times.

What Stryker Means to Zimmer

A competitor of this portfolio holding announced trouble. Cramer has to figure out how it affects his strategy.

Find the Trades in This Market Rotation

Money is shifting, and that means you can reposition into stocks that are cheap before they rise.

Market Might Produce a Brief Rally

Oversold pressure is ready for a release, but only the most nimble traders should try to play it.

Zimmer Simmers Down

The stock is sliding ahead of earnings season. Find out what Cramer makes of the action.

Jim Cramer's Action Alerts PLUS Weekly Roundup

Earnings season is off to a shaky start, and Cramer is preparing the portfolio for the news onslaught.

Jim Cramer's Action Alerts PLUS Weekly Roundup

With the Big, Bad Events past, it's time to look at the rotation underway and get the portfolio positioned for it.

Buy Tried and True 'Slowdown' Stocks

The unscheduled economic dip will send investors running to secular growth, but there are smarter picks.

Taking What the Market Gives

Cramer has spotted two trades, each a gift -- and both prudent moves to make before we get overheated.

Jim Cramer's Action Alerts PLUS Weekly Roundup

Find out what stocks Cramer wants more exposure to in the coming week.

Bet With the Bulls for the Long Run

Eventually, we're likely to see higher highs. Plus, Nortel, Goldman Sachs and more.

Jim Cramer's Action Alerts PLUS Weekly Roundup

Cramer is looking to pare his larger holdings and increase his cash position.

Insider Sales Cause 'Media Discount'

The press doesn't understand prudent profit-taking by company officers, which makes for bargains.

Trading Sectors

Find out where Cramer sees more opportunity now, and where he sees less.

Headline Hits Zimmer

The stock is trading lower off word of insider sales. Find out if Cramer is tempted to follow suit.

Comparing DuPont

Cramer analyzes how the position stacks up against other holdings to adjust his strategy.

Moving on the Selloff

With stocks headed even lower, Cramer considers some key positions in the portfolio.

Jim Cramer's Action Alerts PLUS Weekly Roundup

After capping a tough week with a big selloff, it's time to survey what could go right.

Keep Market Misery in Check With Reality

Put the hammering that stocks are taking now in perspective by looking at the negatives at work.

Replenishing the Reserves

It's time to make room for another name in the portfolio and take gains.

A Steady Grower Pulls Back

Cramer's had to wait to begin a position in this company, but the wait is over.

The New Winners: Inconsistent Growers

In times of Fed tightening, the right stocks to own will have the right growth profile.

Time to Think About Window-Dressing Again

Mutual funds are already looking at their quarter-ends. Here are five sectors to watch.