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Scandal Won't Hold Citi Down Long

What matters here is earnings, and the bank has them. This ethics downgrade is a gift: a chance to get in lower.

Jim Cramer's Action Alerts PLUS Weekly Roundup

Cramer exits a tech stock and is holding off for lower prices before putting his cash to work.

Jim Cramer's Action Alerts PLUS Weekly Roundup

The market withstands Greenspan and hurricanes; telecom equipment is looking good.

Jim Cramer's Action Alerts PLUS Weekly Roundup

With the benign period over, it's time for a big adjustment in strategy. Learn what Cramer plans next.

Getting Ready for the Jobs Data

Cramer is making a trade to prepare for the effects he expects the employment number to generate.

The Case for Very Quick Trades

Most positions seem too dangerous to hold, although two stocks are exceptions.

Jim Cramer's Action Alerts PLUS Weekly Roundup

Cramer has a unique challenge in a benign market as he plots his strategy for the coming week.

Changing Exposure

A look at the portfolio over the weekend has prompted Cramer to swap some shares.

Jim Cramer's Action Alerts PLUS Weekly Roundup

Cramer added a new stock to the portfolio and has taken his cash position lower.

Jim Cramer's Action Alerts PLUS Weekly Roundup

The list of what's working remains narrow. Find out how Cramer is adapting the portfolio to fit the market.

Zimmer Trades Higher

Cramer has to make a choice about the position in light of the larger portfolio.

Building Cash

Find out what trades Cramer is making and planning.

Jim Cramer's Action Alerts PLUS Weekly Roundup

This market's been dealt a bad hand and it's time to get the portfolio ready for the effects.

It's Not That Bad Yet, but Wait for the Fed

Stocks give plenty of cause for negativity, but we're still up. A rate hike after a poor jobs number should finish that off, though.

More Lessons in Gains

Another example of why it's important to collect short-term gains has cropped up.

IAC Earns Ire for Its Conference Call

Instead of playing Gallant like Zimmer, it chose the Goofus role -- and its stock is paying the price.

Waiting on InterActiveCorp

Cramer sees a trade he'd like to make.

Jim Cramer's Action Alerts PLUS Weekly Roundup

After a tough July, Cramer is positioning the portfolio in the hopes of an August recovery.

Market Misvaluing Stocks on the Fly

Too many hedge funds and too much Reg FD are chief culprits.

Noting a Big Gain

Cramer advises taking some off the table in this holding that has run up.

Dow May Be Marking Time Before a Breakout

The upside looks more likely right now. Plus, Nokia, General Electric and more.

Embracing the Market for a Trade

Several short-term factors are stacking up to the good right now. And the shorts may have overplayed their hand.

Playing the Scales

Cramer has to adhere to discipline with buys, and has to check a holding's moves before he can decide whether to buy.

Telcos' Forced Spending May Float Three Boats

The battered trio of Nortel, Lucent and JDS Uniphase may be saved by the industry's need to compete against cable.

Two Frustrating Stocks

This pair has Cramer weighing the promise in each -- and alternative investments.

Using the Earnings Trading Pattern

Cramer has spotted similarities between how stocks trade around their reports. Find out how he's going to apply it.

Catch the Midsummer Multiple Sale

As high-P/E stocks get trashed, smart folks will figure out which stocks will be on top again in a year.

Zimmer Holdings Hammered

Zimmer Holdings Hammered

Shares plunge as the company's revenue guidance disappoints.

Booking Gains, Taking Down Stock

Find out which shares Cramer is swapping and why.

Two Hot Sectors That Mean Trouble

There's always a bull market somewhere. But in steel and oil, it's a zero-sum game.