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Yum! Brands Inc. News

Taco Bell Replaces the Mexican Pizza With Something Weird

Redditors once again uncover what could be the next big menu items.

Taco Bell Menu Offers a Cheesy Take on an American Classic

The fast-food chain never stops innovating and no idea is too much.

Burger King Menu Adds a Hot New Whopper

Fans of spicy food will likely enjoy the new limited edition Whopper.

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Fans Take Their Anger to Twitter

People seem to really love the newly-returned Taco Bell Menu Item and aren't happy with the chain.

McDonald's Hints at a Popular Menu Item Making a Big Return

The fast-food giant has been upping its menu game to compete with Taco Bell, and Burger King.

Breaking News

Roe Decision Forces Disney, Netflix to Take a Political Stand

Disney, JP Morgan Chase, and outgoing Meta COO Sheryl Sandberg are just a few speaking out against the ruling.

Netflix Lays Offs More Employees To Cut Costs

Netflix layoffs continue as the streaming giant executes a plan to cope with slow revenue growth.

These Five Things Could Help (or Hurt) Internet Stocks

Bank of America analysts outline some of the biggest issues facing Amazon, Alphabet, Meta and other internet-related stocks.