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Real Estate Select Sector SPDR Fund News

BofA Cites ETFs XLE, HDV, SCHD, VYM, Others as Inflation Fighters

The funds are 'buy-rated ETFs with above-market dividends and high exposure to inflation-protected sectors,' BofA said.

Goldman Sachs CEO Solomon: Many Markets Look Frothy

'I’m not a believer that double-digit equity returns compounding in perpetuity is something as an investor you should expect,' Goldman Sachs's CEO says.

Prison Operator GEO Group Mulls Status as REIT, Suspends Payout

Shares of GEO Group traded lower after the prison operator said the board would assess its status as a REIT and suspended its dividend.

If the Fed hikes, where does real estate go?

The Federal Reserve seems likely to raise interest rates in December, barring a collapse in the economy. How will that affect real estate?

These 7 stocks are trading on big volume -- here's what to do with them now

Here's a technical look at how to trade some of the most active stocks on the market right now.

Breaking News

Roe Decision Forces Disney, Netflix to Take a Political Stand

Disney, JP Morgan Chase, and outgoing Meta COO Sheryl Sandberg are just a few speaking out against the ruling.

Netflix Lays Offs More Employees To Cut Costs

Netflix layoffs continue as the streaming giant executes a plan to cope with slow revenue growth.

These Five Things Could Help (or Hurt) Internet Stocks

Bank of America analysts outline some of the biggest issues facing Amazon, Alphabet, Meta and other internet-related stocks.