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After A123, Battery Makers Take Stock

The way to win in batteries is to do what the government does: Invest like a venture capitalist, knowing that failure is not just an option, it's common.

Advanced Battery Technology Contains a Fatal Flaw

Lithium-ion batteries can't be recycled effectively, something that will stifle their wider use.

The New Thing in Green Tech: Micro-Hybrid Batteries

Stop-start engines are key in boosting efficiency. That's why battery makers that enable the technology are getting noticed.

Beleaguered Battery Maker Soon to Get a Jolt

Axion Power International has suffered from supply-and-demand imbalances. But the real story is with its revolutionary technology.

3 Stocks Under $5 Ripping Higher

Regardless of the reason behind it, when a stock makes a large-percentage move, it is often just the start of a new major trend -- a trend that can lead to huge profits.

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Oil Prices Bounce From 9-Month Lows As Hurricane Ian Clips Gulf Production

"Hopefully, disruptions will be very limited due to Ian, but there remain many factors driving prices both up and down across the country,” said Gasbuddy's Patrick De Haan.

Tesla Stock Jumps On Report of 'Very High Volume' In Last-Minute Q3 Deliveries

Tesla's is looking for internal support in a last-minute push to meet a 'very high volume' of Q3 delivery obligations.

Wells Fargo is in Trouble Yet Again

The bank has been accused of some pretty shady practices.

Tim Cook and Apple Make a Move That Could Annoy China

iPhone maker wants to diversify its supply chain and expand in a crucial market.