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Danone Just Made a Killing for Selling Its U.S. Yogurt Business

The sale price represents 20 times Stonyfield's 2016 EBITDA.

Danone Gets DOJ Sign Off for Whitewave Deal

Last week Danone offered to divest its Stonyfield Farms brands to ameliorate worry about harming competitioin in the organic milk business.

Danone Puts Stonyfield Up for Sale to Clear WhiteWave Deal

The sale of Stonyfield was agreed with the DOJ to clear the way for 'the prompt closing' of Danone's $12.5 billion deal for WhiteWave.

European Benchmarks Weighed Down by Miner and Industrials

European stocks slipped after the opening bell on the final day of what has been an otherwise solid quarter

What to Watch Thursday: Hyatt Earnings, Housing Starts

On Thursday, Feb. 16, investors await a host of quarterly earnings reports and economic data.

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Disney is Raising These Prices Again

This is bad news for budget-conscious Disney fans.

Credit-Score Errors Hit Consumers; Here's How to Lift and Fix Your Score

Why are so many Americans having issues with their credit scores? Here's why -- and what to do if you need to build up your credit score.

Which Beloved Kid's Franchise is Coming Back to the Happy Meal?

McDonald's is bringing back an explosively-popular franchise to Happy Meals this fall. Will this new prize see the skyrocketing demand it has garnered in the past?

Disney Cruise Lines Makes a Major Family-Friendly Change

This may make it easier for you to sail with your kids.