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Dr. Alexa? Do I Have Cancer?

Amazon opens new round in a long-term bid to disrupt a huge industry.

CEOs Urge Senate to Take Action on Mass Shootings, Gun Violence

A letter signed by nearly four dozen CEOs is urging the Senate to take action to prevent and reduce mass shootings and gun violence.

Fred's to Shutter 159 Underperforming Stores by the End of May

Fred's Inc. will close nearly 30% of its stores as the struggling retailer attempts to turn around.

This Year's Flu Season Is Out of Control

U.S. health officials fear that this flu season could be the worst in two years after instances of influenza-like illnesses increased sharply to 6.3% of patient visits in the second week of the flu season.

Best of Stocks, Worst of Stocks: Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap

Jim Cramer says it's a Dickensian tale of two markets, where we're seeing the best of times and the worst of times -- at the same time.

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Sticker Shock: Ford Lifts Price Tag on 2023 F-150 Lightning Pro, Again

Those waiting to get their hands on Ford's all-electric F-150 Lightning aren’t just going to have to wait longer. They’re going to have to pay more.

More Details Emerge About Universal Studios' Disney World Killer

Universal Studios has begun construction on Epic Universe, its third theme park planned for Florida.

Amazon Sends Chilly Signs About the Economy

The e-commerce giant has just made a decision that suggests the health of the economy is not improving.

Elon Musk Casts Uncertainty Around Tesla

The Tesla CEO has put his offer for Twitter back on the table. And as rich as he is, investors are worried.