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Vanguard Total Stock Mkt Index Adm News

Index funds are a bandwagon you may want to jump on

Investors are choosing passive over active investing by a huge margin for lower costs and a shot at better returns.

Don’t Let Hidden Fees Sink Your Retirement Account Says Tony Robbins

Hidden fees are a major problem for retirement savers. Unfortunately, the move toward increased disclosure has not solved it, said Tony Robbins, author of Money: Master the Game.

Buy These Stocks and ETFs if Bernanke Is Right on Interest Rates

A slight rise to still-low rates with no inflation goes hand-in-hand with climbing stocks, but what should you invest in now?

Vanguard's Formula for Beating Mutual Fund Benchmarks

Vanguard has long extolled the virtues of index funds, but it turns out the company's actively managed funds perform even better. Here's why.

Beware Top Funds With Poor Investor Returns

Fidelity Leveraged Stock and RS Value are among the top-performing funds with poor investor returns. Heartland Value Plus might be a better choice.

Breaking News

Wendy's Stock Surges As Activist Nelson Peltz Mulls Takeover Deal

Nelson Peltz and Trian Partners, Wendy's biggest shareholders, are planning to arrange a takeover of the iconic burger chain.

Fed Minutes Opinion: Powell Wields Interest Rate Hammer In A World Of Inflation Screws

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell has raised his inflation hammer, vowing sharp rate hikes to slow the fastest U.S. inflation in forty years. It won't work.

Mortgage Rates Ease, But Soaring Prices Keep Buyers, Refinancers Sidelined - MBA

“Most refinance borrowers continue to remain on the sidelines as a result, and refinance applications have fallen in nine of the past 10 weeks," said the MBA's Joel Kan.

General Motors Takes a Big Hit

GM says it found 'malicious login activity' on an unspecified number of online user accounts.