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VelShs 3x Long Crude ETN News

How to Trade These Most Active Stocks -- LifeLock, Tyson Foods and More

Here's a technical look on how to trade some of the most active stocks on the market right now.

Oil futures traders wonder: could oil fall to $26 per barrel next year?

One veteran oil analyst says crude oil prices are headed way down in 2017. Others aren't so sure.

Here's a fund for those who are set to run with the energy bulls

Sick of tepid market returns? Aggressive investors with a tolerance for risk should consider this leveraged oil exchange-traded note.

Think oil prices are going higher? here's a low-cost trading strategy for you

Here's one way to invest in crude oil futures with minimal risk and very low cost.

With this one trade, you can reap exponential profits from rising oil prices

If the energy industry's smart money is right, the oil price rebound has legs. Here's a fund that can can turbocharge profits from the energy bull.

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The legendary financier reiterates his warnings of a market collapse on the way.

Oil Volatility Returns, Pushing Gasoline Prices Higher

The 14-week decline in gasoline prices ended while two million people in Florida are still without power.

New Electric Vehicle Beats Tesla When it Comes to the Environment

A new EV would radically change how cars are made and that could be a threat to the market leader.

McDonald's Menu Adds a (Very) New Take on an Old Favorite

The fast-food giant has been hesitant to make changes like this, but Wendy's bold move may have forced it to.