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CVS, Lowe's, Micron: 'Mad Money' Lightning Round

A rundown of Cramer's takes on stocks of interest to Mad Money viewers.

Trade and Interest Rates: Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap

Jim Cramer says if the Fed pauses and if the president makes progress on trade, then we'll see a market opportunity we don't want to miss. Here's his game plan.

Earnings Season Guessing Games: Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap

Jim Cramer says dividends and stock buybacks are the news here. Check out his game plan for next week.

Is Luxury Retail About To Go Full Inspector Gadget?

Within two years, consumers will be using mobile pay and playing with augmented reality in stores, experts said.

There's a Big World Out There for Mobile Payments

U.S. is behind the curve, but the opportunities are growing.

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Southwest Has a Problem its Passengers Need to Know About

Southwest employees are reportedly not happy about changes in the company's work culture.

The Next Crispr Gene Editing IPO Could Be Near

Prime Medicine, a third-generation Crispr company, may test the choppy waters of the stock market with an IPO.

Amazon Sends Chilly Signs About the Economy

The e-commerce giant has just made a decision that suggests the health of the economy is not improving.

Government Debt Rises: You Can't Blame Biden (or Trump)

The U.S. keeps taking on debt like a college kid with their first credit card. A new study shows something about that which may shock you.