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Global X Uranium ETF News

Top 10 ETF Picks for 2020

Here are the best ETF investments for 2020. Investors will need to be a bit more selective in order to generate outsized gains.

Uranium etf set to pop on production cuts

Everyone's talking about production cuts on OPEC oil, but supply curbs on uranium are moving markets, too.

Why uranium is a great investment right now

Uranium prices seem to have a glowing future, and investors can gain access to the element by buying shares of the Global X Uranium ETF (URA).

Why Energy Fuels Benefits From the Rise in Uranium Prices

Energy Fuels CEO Steve Antony explains why uranium prices have soared 50% since May and how his company is benefiting.

Uranium Hints at Quiet Renaissance in Post-Fukushima Nuclear Space

Three years post-Fukushima, the price of uranium is finally showing signs of bottoming. Is the best still yet to come for those invested in the nuclear sector?

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