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UBISoft Entertainment ADR News

Microsoft Isn't Finished Buying Game Companies

Activision Blizzard won't be the last studio Microsoft acquires.

Capcom Levels Up With 30% Raises for All Employees

Will your company follow suit?

Activision Faces New Sexual Harassment Suit as Microsoft Buyout Looms

The suit says the plaintiff complained to HR on multiple occasions and was dismissed.

What Sony's Expanding Sexism Lawsuit Means for Investors

#MeToo's explosion across the game industry continues.

NFTs Sow Discord at French Video Game Publisher Ubisoft

The employees of the owner of the popular game Assassin's Creed criticize the group's desire to incorporate NFTs into its games, according to sources.

Breaking News

Tesla Stock Slips Lower After Q2 Delivery Slump, Planned Factory Closures

Tesla said it had a record rate of production in June, but supply chain disruption and the closure of its Shanghai gigafactory triggered a slump in Q2 deliveries.

Exxon Stock Jumps On Bets For Record Q2 Profits Amid Global Oil Price Surge

"High energy prices are largely a result of underinvestment by many in the energy industry over the last several years and especially during the pandemic," Exxon said.

Summers, Others Cite Growing Chance of Recession

GDP shrank an annualized 1.6% in the first quarter, and some experts anticipate another drop in the second quarter.

Big Star Gives Caesar's Huge Las Vegas Strip News

A popular entertainer is ready to reschedule a series of performances that were cancelled at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip.