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Kraft Heinz Axes 2,500 Jobs in Post-Merger Budget-Cutting

Kraft Heinz looks to save $1.5 billion from its budget by the end of 2017. The company eliminates free snacks from its offices.

Kraft Heinz Is Slimming Down With 2,500 Job Cuts Following Merger

Kraft Heinz (KHC) is slimming down following its merger, and the first to feel the effects of the belt tightening will be the employees.

Krispy Kreme Sees Sweet Profit Beat, Box Shares Spike on Earnings

Krispy Kreme earnings beat estimates after track record of disappointing results, while Box posted a smaller loss than expected and boosted its outlook.

Will Warren Buffett's Berkshire Put Campbell Soup on Buying Menu?

If Buffett is hungry for underperforming food stocks there's Campbell and ConAgra.

Starbucks, Stick to Coffee and Stay Out of Race Relations

Starbucks trying to force its views on race on customers is too much, too soon and bad for business.

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Tips for Retirees to Deal with Falling Stocks and Bonds

The markets' slide particularly hurts retirees, who may have to sell some of their stocks and bonds to finance spending.

Your Car Will Likely Be More Expensive

Ford has recently cast a shadow over the auto industry.

Short Sellers Targeted Commodities in September

Short sellers reversed course and sold $19 billion of shorts in September.

Alphabet CEO Pichai Continues to Sound Alarm About the Economy

The parent company of Google and Youtube is preparing for a sharp deterioration in the health of the economy.