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Dear Dagen: What the Winners Are Buying

Here are stocks that even tough fund managers in a tough market can like.

Cisco Bounce Could Reward Stalwart Growth Funds

Big growth-fund ownership of the networking shop remains vast.

10 Questions With Transamerica's Jeff Van Harte

He's sharpening the pencil on valuations.

10 Questions With Growth Maven Jeff Van Harte and Value Guru Bill Nygren

The mutual fund managers favor opposite styles but have been similarly successful.

On the Hook: Comcast's Bid for AT&T Broadband Is Big Deal for Fund Investors

Funds own 32% of the would-be acquirer. The early read: Most skippers like it, but the price tag worries some.

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Tips for Retirees to Deal with Falling Stocks and Bonds

The markets' slide particularly hurts retirees, who may have to sell some of their stocks and bonds to finance spending.

Your Car Will Likely Be More Expensive

Ford has recently cast a shadow over the auto industry.

Short Sellers Targeted Commodities in September

Short sellers reversed course and sold $19 billion of shorts in September.

Alphabet CEO Pichai Continues to Sound Alarm About the Economy

The parent company of Google and Youtube is preparing for a sharp deterioration in the health of the economy.