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Top Insider Trades: SD, TEA, HMA, VSAT

The top 10 open-market insider purchases and sales filed at the SEC Monday.

Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap: A Divided Market

First, jettison hope, Cramer said. Then, start buying the sectors that are working.

Market Preview: The Trend Turns Ugly

It's hard to imagine a positive headline that's going to trump the ubiquitous fiscal cliff worries that are dominating the action in stocks right now.

Stock Futures Slump on Jobless Claims Data, Wal-Mart

Stock futures are weaker Thursday after a disappointing read on U.S. labor market conditions and quarterly results from Wal-Mart.

The Day Ahead: Investing Sins Will Cost You Dearly

If you run contrary to the will of the market, you will pay the price.

Breaking News

Bally's Close to Making a Huge Las Vegas Strip Deal

The casino operator does not own the casino that carries its name, but changes are in the works.

There's a Big Shift Coming for Airline Passengers

People who are traveling by air are about to see a change in recent trends.

New Coca-Cola Flavor is So Hip, It Comes With Its Own QR Code

Beverage giant is rolling out a new taste in its efforts to attract and keep a key demographic.

You'll Almost Have to Buy an Electric Vehicle if Climate Bill Passes

You can find savings on everything from EVs to solar panels in the Inflation Reduction Act.