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Container Store (The) News

Cramer's Mad Money Recap 11/8: Nucor, Advanced Micro Devices, Nvidia

Jim Cramer says that sometimes, good news for a stock also can be good news for investors.

Cramer's Mad Money Recap 11/4: Gridlock Is Good for Stocks

Jim Cramer says that the stock market loves gridlock in Washington, which explains why the VIX is so low and stocks are so high.

Dream Market: Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap (Tuesday 12/22/20)

Jim Cramer says there's the real market, which is struggling, and the dream market of companies focusing on fossil fuel alternatives -- which are risky but have potential.

Container Store Lifts Outlook, Names Sephora's Malhotra as CEO

Container Store lifted its third-quarter-earnings forecast and said Satish Malhotra would succeed Melissa Reiff as president and chief executive.

The 'Up' Stocks: Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap (Thursday 11/19/20)

This market has a hard time staying down, says Jim Cramer. Investors should look for the best stocks that have momentum and will keep working for the rest of the year.

Breaking News

Las Vegas Strip May Lose a Major Sports Franchise

Sin City usually gets what it wants. That may not happen this time.

Steve Jobs Gets Posthumous Award From President Joe Biden

Jobs was one of 17 people to be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Target Has a Surprising New Idea For Cereal Fans

This throwback will excite fans who fondly remember cereals from their childhoods.

TikTok Faces a New Major Threat

The popular short-form social media company is in the hot seat once again in the U.S.