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Snap up some Crocs!

Breakout Stocks Portfolio Manager Bryan Ashenberg recommends CROX due to its recent stock price slump.

Retail M&A: 28 Possible Deals in 2011

Retail deals are finally starting to bear fruit. Here's a look at possible acquisitions in 2011.

3 Stocks I Saw on TV, June 28

San Diego (TheStreet) -- Dan Fitzpatrick examines three stocks viewed on Fast Money. Today's stocks include Philip Morris, Nike and Southern Company

They Just Don't Get Nike!

MONTAUK, N.Y. (TheStreet) -- Marek Fuchs, TheStreet's media critic, runs from Nike coverage.

Next Retail M&A: Look to Lifestyle Brands

As retail buyouts heat up, it appears the real interest is in lifestyle brands rather than stores.

Breaking News

Bally's Close to Making a Huge Las Vegas Strip Deal

The casino operator does not own the casino that carries its name, but changes are in the works.

There's a Big Shift Coming for Airline Passengers

People who are traveling by air are about to see a change in recent trends.

New Coca-Cola Flavor is So Hip, It Comes With Its Own QR Code

Beverage giant is rolling out a new taste in its efforts to attract and keep a key demographic.

You'll Almost Have to Buy an Electric Vehicle if Climate Bill Passes

You can find savings on everything from EVs to solar panels in the Inflation Reduction Act.