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Energy Transfer Equity, L.P. And Southern Union Announce Successful Completion Of Merger (Transcript)

Energy Transfer Equity, L.P. and Southern Union Announce Successful Completion of Merger (Transcript)

Market Preview: Slow and Steady

2012's stellar start has been an orderly march higher that has a good chance of turning out better than 2011's early surge.

Chesapeake, Devon: Big Deals, Not Big News

Chesapeake Energy and Devon Energy announce big shale deals, but we've been here and done this before.

Natural Gas Prices Poised to Go Higher

Natural gas prices remain cheap, but speculative forces, coal switching and cooler weather should lead to a recovery over the coming weeks.

$100 Oil No Cause for Panic

U.S. oil prices were falling on European fears Thursday, but remained above the psychologically important $100 mark, spurring fears of rising gasoline prices.

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Ford Follows Tesla Into EV Price War With Mach-E Cuts, Production Boost

"We are not going to cede ground to anyone," said Marin Gjaja, COO for Ford Model e.

GE HealthCare Stock Lower After Maiden Q4 Earnings Following GE Spinoff

"We're seeing customers continue to invest along with macroeconomic tailwinds," said CEO Peter Arduini.

United Airlines Has a Boarding Problem Designed to Punish Budget Flyers

Southwest Airlines has some major problems and passengers may be wary of flying the airline, but its current problems don't tell the whole story.

Iconic Las Vegas Strip Attraction Gets a Stay of Execution

A major change is coming to Sin City's iconic 4.2-mile road, but maybe not in the way most people expected.