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Medtronic acquires Heartware with some activist inspiration

Engaged Capital agitated against the cardiac medical device maker's buy of an Israeli company and pushed for a new board member that once led the acquirer's M&A efforts.

China's Woes Make Headlines, but Puerto Rico's Will Hit Close to Home

Investors may be too focused on U.S. stocks and China's selloff to notice Puerto Rico's troubles, but the commonwealth's problems are worsening, warns George Schultze, CEO of Schultze Asset Management.

Avoid Puerto Rico Munis, High Yield Bonds and Troubled Drillers

Investors may be too wrapped up in the slipping U.S. stock market to notice Puerto Rico’s troubles, but the Island’s problems are worsening.

3 Stocks Pushing The Energy Industry Lower

TheStreet highlights 3 stocks pushing the Energy industry lower today.

3 Stocks Raising The Energy Industry Higher

TheStreet highlights 3 stocks that pushed the Energy industry

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Ford Makes a Major Change

The legacy automaker has just made a decision that will affect consumers buying its electric vehicles via a lease.

Tesla Q2 Deliveries Slump To 254,695 As Shanghai Shutdown, Supply Chain Snarls Take Toll

Tesla said it had a record rate of production in June, but supply chain disruption and the closure of its Shanghai gigafactory triggered a slump in Q2 deliveries.

Summers, Others Cite Growing Chance of Recession

GDP shrank an annualized 1.6% in the first quarter, and some experts anticipate another drop in the second quarter.

Coinbase Faces A New Scandal

The platform denies selling proprietary customer data and announces it is expanding into several European countries.