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More Tips for the Timid

Tips (and war stories) that could help you avoid stepping on a financial land mine.

The Net's Getting Hotter Than Hardware

Cramer thinks that some tech players' inability to hit the ball out of the park might translate into downright negativity during the next quarter.

Wednesday, Oct. 6, 1999

Yahoo! dominated heavy after-hours trading, ringing in gains of over 7 on both Island ECN and Market XT.

Breaking News

GameStop Stock Surges On Plans For 4-For-1 Stock Split

GameStop will pay a three-share dividend to investors on July 21, with the stock trading on a split-adjusted basis the following day.

Samsung Forecasts Best Quarterly Profits In Four Years, Boosting US Chip Stocks

Chipmakers Intel and Nvidia got a boost Thursday after Samsung Electronic forecast its strongest quarterly profits in four years.

Seagen Stock Leaps On Report Of $40 Billion Takeover By Merck & Co.

Merck is reportedly eying cancer drug specialists Seagen as it looks to replace revenue from its Keytruda blockbuster, which loses patent exclusivity in 2028.

Costco Raises Two Key Food-Court Prices (But Not Hot Dogs)

The Costco warehouse club has been hesitant to pass on price increases to customers, but two popular menu items in its food court now cost more.