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GameStop Stock Clings to Vital Support as Worries Mount

GameStop stock is trading lower after yet another disappointing quarter. However, GME stock is holding a key level of support.

Why Sears Isn't a Black Eye for the Retail Sector

A trader on the floor of the NYSE breaks down the retail sector post-Sears.

Kohl's Stock Could Be a Diamond in the Retail Rough

It might be time to fill your carriage with Kohl's again.

Sears Chairman Lampert Boosts Bid to $5 Billion: Report

Lampert makes one more stab at rescuing retailer from liquidation, according to a published report Wednesday.

Markets End Tumultuous Day in the Red, Mini-Rally Ends at 2 Sessions

Markets had a wild ride Friday, spending time in both negative and positive territory before ending the day mostly in the red.

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Southwest Has a Problem its Passengers Need to Know About

Southwest employees are reportedly not happy about changes in the company's work culture.

The Next Crispr Gene Editing IPO Could Be Near

Prime Medicine, a third-generation Crispr company, may test the choppy waters of the stock market with an IPO.

Amazon Sends Chilly Signs About the Economy

The e-commerce giant has just made a decision that suggests the health of the economy is not improving.

Government Debt Rises: You Can't Blame Biden (or Trump)

The U.S. keeps taking on debt like a college kid with their first credit card. A new study shows something about that which may shock you.