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SPDR Dow Jones Global Real Estate ETF News

3 ETF Categories Correct 10% Or More

Rate manipulation will help REIT ETFs but not Asia-Pacific or Natural Resources ETFs.

Overseas Real Estate Worth the Trip

Now is the time to capitalize on real estate crises in foreign lands, Kathleen Peddicord, author of How to Buy Real Estate Overseas, tells Gregg Greenberg.

Time for Rotating Positions in Your ETF Portfolio

Maybe the Fed can solve everything with easy money for home and auto purchases but rotating from sexier growth assets and into defensive equities makes more sense.

A Foreign Stock ETF for a Rapidly Declining Currency

Here's how to invest in Japanese equities without taking on the risk that the country's currency will depreciate.

Should You Buy Real Asset ETFs on the 'Real' Pullback?

If you think it's only a matter of time before investors pile into 'real assets,' here are some ETFs you should check out.

Breaking News

GameStop Declares 4-for-1 Stock Split

GameStop's board declared a 4-for-1 stock split.

Elon Musk Can't Wait to See Disney Lose an Iconic Character

The billionaire CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, strongly supports limiting the rights protecting certain original works.

Alphabet Stock Is Setting Up for a Trade Ahead of Stock Split

Alphabet stock has an interesting setup before the tech giant splits the shares. Here's the trade to know.

Microsoft Supports Abortion Access But Is Silent on Data Privacy

The software giant hasn't said it will protect user data in wake of Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe.