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Top S&P 500 Stocks This Past Week: Twitter, AES, Zebra Tech

Here are the best stocks from the S&P 500 by each of the 11 stock sectors including health care, communication services, financials, real estate, energy, and more.

California's Wild Fires Could Cost Insurance Companies Shocking Amounts

Insurance companies like Chubb, Travelers and Allstate are some of the largest in the state of California. Losses so far on the year already total $10 billion.

How well do you know your insurer?

Before a catastrophe hits, check the financial health of your insurer -- and its reinsurer.

Hurricane Irma could total $40 billion in insurance claims: Why that's good news

Hurricane Irma is still rolling and leaving billions of dollars in home and business damage. It'll be up to the insurance industry to pay most of the tab.

Hurricanes Irma and Harvey Might Cost $100 Billion, Dealing Big Blow to Insurers

Hurricane Irma could saddle insurance and reinsurance companies with $60 billion in losses, according to Barclays analyst Jay Gelb.

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Las Vegas Strip May Lose a Major Sports Franchise

Sin City usually gets what it wants. That may not happen this time.

Steve Jobs Gets Posthumous Award From President Joe Biden

Jobs was one of 17 people to be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Target Has a Surprising New Idea For Cereal Fans

This throwback will excite fans who fondly remember cereals from their childhoods.

TikTok Faces a New Major Threat

The popular short-form social media company is in the hot seat once again in the U.S.