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How a Girl From India is Now Ruling the M&A World

Getting M&A insight from JPM's Anu Aiyengar is like winning the lotto.

From the Marlboro Man to Vaping, Here Are the Events that Shaped Big Tobacco

The war waged against big tobacco has forced an entire industry to go on the defensive.

Bored With Cream and Sugar? You Can Now Add Weed to Your Morning Joe

Cue Cannabinier's newest product, Brewbudz, a marijuana infused Keurig cup line. Think coffee, but without the jitters.

Big Tobacco Finds Unlikely Supporter in Cigarette Alternative Push

The bulk of scientists agree that there is no safe form of tobacco.

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Cord Cutting Keeps Growing. Here's What It Means for You

Fubo, Hulu Live, and Sling were supposed to be alternatives to traditional cable.

How to Purge Gun Stocks From Your 401(k)

After mass shootings, a lot of investors are saying enough if enough.

Taco Bell May Stop Selling Mexican Pizza Next Week

Go for Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza now because it might not be here long.

Broadcom Agrees to Buy VMware in $61 Billion Cash-and-Stock Cloud Software Deal

"Combining our assets and talented team with Broadcom's existing enterprise software portfolio creates a remarkable enterprise software player," said VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram.