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Rackwise, Inc. News

Rackspace Stock Isn't Worth Holding on Such Weak Revenue Guidance

There is an implied 2% decline in the stock, which has an average 12-month price target of $49, given that the shares are now above that mark.

Microsoft Is a Must-Have for Your Portfolio

If you think Microsoft can't become exciting, think again.

Cramer's Top Stock Picks: DIS MCD WFM GPS GOOG

Disney and Whole Foods are among Cramer's picks for kid investors, and CVS is a better bet than Rite Aid.

Rackable Grabs Silicon Graphics for $25M

Struggling SGI files for Chapter 11, and agrees to sells its assets to Rackable Systems.

Rackable Systems' Sales Slump

The company swings to a quarterly loss.

Breaking News

'Big Short' Burry Warns That a Repeat of the 2008 Crisis Is in Sight

The legendary financier reiterates his warnings of a market collapse on the way.

Credit Suisse Is in Deep Trouble

The Swiss banking giant is embroiled in a succession of financial scandals that now threaten its future.

McDonald's Menu Adds a (Very) New Take on an Old Favorite

The fast-food giant has been hesitant to make changes like this, but Wendy's bold move may have forced it to.

Elon Musk Sends Scathing Message to Tesla Investors

The CEO of Tesla has just proven once again that he is an iconoclastic boss.