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PIMCO Funds Total Return Fund Institutional Shares News

Pimco ways Bill Gross's lawsuit is just an attempt to repair his image

Pimco says the lawsuit by co-founder Bill Gross is merely an attempt to salvage a personal legacy he damaged himself, but Gross's attorney reiterates that it's about 'a money grab.'

Vanguard Fund Bigger Than PIMCO, But PIMCO Still Performs Well

Vanguard's Total Bond Market Index Fund (VBMFX) may be larger than PIMCO's Total Return Fund (PTTRX), but it doesn't mean the passive investment strategy has triumphed over actively managed funds.

Six Reasons to Stick With Pimco Despite Bill Gross’ Departure

The hysteria surrounding Bill Gross' resignation is causing some investors to make short-sighted, emotional mistakes. But it's time to cut through the hype.

Morningstar Downgrades Pimco Total Return Bond Fund to Bronze

Morningstar downgraded Pimco’s Total Return Fund, the top performing bond fund managed by Bond King Bill Gross from 1987 through his surprise resignation on Friday

What to Do When Your 401(k) Doesn't Offer ETFs

Most 401(k) plans are restrictive but you can maximize your returns by following these tips.

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Amazon Takes Small Stake in Meal Delivery Group Grubhub; Uber, DoorDash Stock Slide

"Amazon has redefined convenience with Prime and we're confident this offering will expose many new diners to the value of Grubhub+," said Grubhub CEO Adam DeWitt.

Tesla Sells Record 78,000 China-Made Cars In June Amid Production Rebound

Tesla sold a record 78,000 China-made cars last month, an industry group reported Wednesdsay.

Is Tesla Stock a Buy or Sell After Q2 Deliveries Report? Check the Chart.

Tesla's second-quarter deliveries climbed year over year but fell from the first quarter. Here's how to trade the stock now.

Bank of America Lists Companies With Most Mentions of 'Supply Chain'

These companies made the most mentions of "supply chain" in their first-quarter earnings calls.