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Aberdeen Standard Physical Platinum Shares ETF News

India's gold play driving silver prices higher?

With a campaign to tamp down gold, India's government may be boosting silver prices - but there are myriad contributing factors at play.

BOE Stimulus Good as Gold for Precious Metals Investors

The BOE's stimulus will help boost precious metals across the board, but the biggest knee-jerk reaction will be seen in gold and silver due to their historical monetary usage.

Forget about gold -- this is the precious metal to buy right now

Here's a precious metal that has its prices at historic lows relative to gold. Right now could be the time to buy it.

4 investments traders say will decline: twitter, canadian dollar and more

Here's what traders have been saying about four important investments, including Twitter (TWTR) stock and the loonie.

Don’t Abandon Gold for Miners Too Quickly

The price of gold may be flying so far in 2016, but the yellow metal is still trailing the miners plucking it from the ground.

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The Good Times Are Over for Startups

Sequoia Capital and Y Combinator have told startups that cutting costs is a priority.

Elon Musk Throws Dogecoin a Lifeline

Elon Musk will soon allow Dogecoin to purchase SpaceX merchandise.

Disney Fans Angry, Excited About New Guardians of the Galaxy Ride

The theme park company has opened Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind and not everyone is happy despite the ride getting wonderful reviews.

Aurora Cannabis Slashing Weed Capacity in Profitability Push

Aurora is slashing its production capacity as it builds a runway toward positive Ebitda a year from now.