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Don't Count RIM Out

If we have learned anything about the smartphones space, it is that the ground shifts quickly.

TripAdvisor Close to Fair Value: Trefis

Trefis has a price estimate of $24.83 for TripAdvisor, slightly less than the stock's recent levels.

Samsung's Software Threat to Apple

Samsung reportedly may be mulling the purchase of HP's webOS business. Here are the implications for Apple.

4 Days in January: The Mother of All Smartphone Clashes

The new competitive reality in smartphones will be announced on these four days in early January, 2011.

Two Pair Trades for Absolute Returns

In a volatile market that can swing violently in any direction, absolute returns hold out the promise of protecting capital while making money at the same time.

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Uber Makes a Change That Will Upset Riders

Frequent riders of Uber are about to lose something they really like.

Is This Synthetic Biology Pioneer On The Right Track?

Amyris is showing progress in one key area, but it may not be enough.

'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli's Crypto Conversion Turns Sour

The disgraced investor and convicted felon launched a cryptocurrency last July after his release from prison.

Over 1.7 Million Fords And Lincolns Are At Risk Of Being Recalled

The National Highway Transit Safety Administration received over 50 complaints over brake hose ruptures.