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NYX News

NYSE Wants to Delay Late-Afternoon News to Avoid Confusion, Market Disruption

The exchange says news released too close to the closing bell undermines crucial auctions.

Alibaba All Set for Takeoff, Picks NYSE, Ticker BABA for IPO

As Alibaba moves forward with an initial public offering, the company said on Thursday it will list its shares on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker BABA.

Blackstone Decides to Extend Stay After La Quinta IPO

La Quinta priced its IPO below the planned range but the stock recovered after its initial trading, after PE firm Blackstone held on to its shares of La Quinta, showing support.

Don't Expect High Frequency Trading to End Anytime Soon

Steve Cohen of Wall Street Trading equates HFT to paying for premium seats at a Broadway show, but he does wish there was equal access to the prices traders pay for stocks

High Frequency Trading Book Dampens Mood for Stocks

The busy IPO calendar has helped the mood for stocks, even as the high frequency trading cloud continues to darken the skies. GrubHub is up about 40% on its first day of trading.

Breaking News

Uber Makes a Change That Will Upset Riders

Frequent riders of Uber are about to lose something they really like.

Is This Synthetic Biology Pioneer On The Right Track?

Amyris is showing progress in one key area, but it may not be enough.

'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli's Crypto Conversion Turns Sour

The disgraced investor and convicted felon launched a cryptocurrency last July after his release from prison.

Over 1.7 Million Fords And Lincolns Are At Risk Of Being Recalled

The National Highway Transit Safety Administration received over 50 complaints over brake hose ruptures.