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NKY News

The Nikkei's Ominous Meltdown

As the Nikkei's price action has begun to break down, other equity markets seem poised to drop too. Investors are anxious.

Global Macro: Japan Juices Loan Program

The central bank, worried about growth, extends loan program that was set to expire next month.

Global Macro: What U.S. Equities Strength vs. Japan Means for Interest Rates

An indicator comparing U.S. and Japanese stocks can predict where interest rates in the U.S. headed.

Global Macro: World Equities Await Friday's Nonfarm Payrolls

Investors see continued mixed bag of economic results and fear a life without stimulus.

Global Macro: Japanese Markets Overshoot Expectations

Japanese markets corrected as uncertainty crept into investors' minds.

Breaking News

Crypto Lender BlockFi Goes Bankrupt

The contagion of the fall of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange has begun.

Apple Chart Is Starting to Rot. Here's Where Support Is Now.

Apple stock is under pressure, but there's clear support on the chart. Here are the must-know levels now.

Biogen Stock Slumps On Report of Death in Alzheimer's Drug Trial reported Sunday that a woman participating in the joint Biogen-Eisai Clarity AD trial of an experimental Alzheimer's treatment has died of a brain hemorrhage.

Fallen FTX Founder Bankman-Fried Posts Erratic, Disturbing Messages

Sam Bankman-Friend and FTX are under investigation after the abrupt bankruptcy of the cryptocurrency exchange.