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Kura Sushi USA Inc. News

Restaurant Stocks Face Tough Going in New Year

After a strong year in 2021, the industry is confronting labor and supply issues in addition to uncertainty over covid, Real Money's Jonathan Heller says.

Kura Sushi Stock Soars on Its First Day of Trading

The Japanese restaurant chain specializing in omakase was trading up 28% Thursday, well above its initial public offering price of $14.

Breaking News

Tesla Q2 Deliveries Slump To 254,695 As Shanghai Shutdown, Supply Chain Snarls Take Toll

Tesla said it had a record rate of production in June, but supply chain disruption and the closure of its Shanghai gigafactory triggered a slump in Q2 deliveries.

Roe v. Wade: Google Makes a Major Decision to Protect Privacy

Google will delete a person's location history for going to an abortion clinic.

Elon Musk Drops The Curtain On His Natures

The billionaire and CEO of Tesla remains an enigma despite its omnipresence on social media.

Coinbase Faces A New Scandal

The platform denies selling proprietary customer data and announces it is expanding into several European countries.