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Time to Put Some Meat on Your Portfolio's Menu

Inflation may be forcing consumers to cut back on beef spending, but that doesn't mean the stocks should be avoided, according to Real Money Columnist Kevin Curran.

Sinclair Stock Tanks Following Ransomware Attack

Sinclair says the attack has caused some disruptions to its local advertising business.

Palo Alto and Other Cybersecurity Shares Rise After Kaseya Ransomware Attack

Shares of cybersecurity focused companies including FireEye, Palo Alto Networks and Check Point Software gain following a cyberattack on software provider Kaseya.

JBS Meat Plants Mostly Back Online Following Cyberattack

JBS says most of its meatpacking plants are back in operation after a ransomware attack took them down earlier this week.

Conagra in Talks to Sell Hebrew National Hot-Dog Brand

Conagra is discussing the sale of the Hebrew National brand to JBS of Brazil for about $700 million, a media report says.

Breaking News

Bank of America Lists Companies With Most Mentions of 'Supply Chain'

These companies made the most mentions of "supply chain" in their first-quarter earnings calls.

Crypto Crisis: Struggling Crypto Lender About to Be Acquired by Rival

Crypto firm Nexo is reviewing the assets of lender Vauld with the intent of acquiring the struggling crypto financial services company.

Ford Makes a Major Change

The legacy automaker has just made a decision that will affect consumers buying its electric vehicles via a lease.

Stock Market Today - 7/5: Stocks End Mixed On Recession Fears; Dollar Hits Two-Decade Peak

Stocks bounce back as tech stocks surge as investors focus on growth and inflation prospects in the world's biggest economy.