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Preopen Trading: Futures Go Limp Ahead of Productivity Report

Weaker-than-expected second-quarter earnings hurt Verizon before the bell.

With CNet Deal, Consolidation Beckons Net Content Sites

The $1.6 billion combo of tech sites suggests that some thinking has changed in the Web world.

Webvan Delivers Slightly Larger-Than-Expected Loss

The company reported a pro forma net loss of $57.1 million, or 17 cents a diluted share.

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Donald Trump Media SPAC Digital World Acquisition Gets Subpoenas Linked To Grand Jury Probe

"These subpoenas ... could materially delay, materially impede, or prevent" DWAC's planned merger with Trump Media & Technology Group.

Birth Control Stocks May Benefit From the Reversal of Roe v. Wade

The historic Supreme Court decision may force women to make different choices.

Barstool's Portnoy Takes a Surprising Stand on a Key Political Issue

The outspoken Republican with a platform voices his opinion on the state of democracy moving to the right.

McDonald's Brings Back a Classic Menu Item (with a Catch)

You never know what the fast-food chain might bring back or create a new version of.