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WisdomTree Europe Hedged Equity Fund News

Brexit Could Actually Prop Up Eurozone Stocks

With Brexit-inspired uncertainty ahead for the U.K., eurozone stocks could be a good bet for investors.

Obsessed with China's sliding yuan? Wall Street wants to help you hedge your bets

Devaluation jitters around the world have ETF investors scrambling to hedge their foreign-exchange bets, and BlackRock, WisdomTree and Deutsche Bank are obliging them.

Should You Invest in Currency-Hedged Exchange-Traded Funds?

Currency-hedged ETFs allow you to invest in foreign markets while neutralizing the impact of changes in currency values. This can be a smart move given the greenback's recent upward trajectory.

Snowden Lane Advisor Favors Covered Call Strategy, Cybersecurity Stocks

Jesse Clinton, a financial advisor at Snowden Lane, says that it's the perfect time to profit from a covered call strategy.

Covered Calls Saintly During Market Tumult Says Snowden Lane’s Clinton

The VIX, or the so-called fear index, spiked above 40 in August, yet it has since fallen to 23 as the market’s turbulence has subsided.

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Disney Mobile Game Opens Up a New Universe

Familiar Disney characters populate an alternate reality in new interactive game.

Birth Control Stocks May Benefit From the Reversal of Roe v. Wade

The historic Supreme Court decision may force women to make different choices.

Barstool's Portnoy Takes a Surprising Stand on a Key Political Issue

The outspoken Republican with a platform voices his opinion on the state of democracy moving to the right.

McDonald's Brings Back a Classic Menu Item (with a Catch)

You never know what the fast-food chain might bring back or create a new version of.