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Big Marijuana's Poster Child Diego Pellicer Chills Out

Diego Pellicer's plan to be the luxury high end chain of marijuana stores has come under fire from cannabis insiders who want to keep the business small and local.

Should Congress Regulate Marijuana to Protect Children?

Congressman Earl Blumenauer says without regulation, kids can buy pot easily, but if it were regulated like alcohol, it would be harder.

Silicon Valley Billionaires Support Repealing Pot Laws

Silicon valley millionaires are stepping up to become the newest supporters of NORML, the National Organization for the Repeal of Marijuana Laws.

Jim Cramer on What's in the Pipeline for Pot at TheStreet

TheStreet is on top of the quickly-changing marijuana landscape and Jim Cramer tells you what's in the pipeline.

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General Mills Is Bringing Back 4 Classic '80s Cereals

Frute Brute Monster Cereal, Franken Berry, Count Chocula, and Boo-Berry are coming back to supermarket shelves.

Real Estate Titan Zillow Sees Tough Times Ahead in Housing

The residential real estate market has stumbled, after soaring in the first 18 months of the covid pandemic.

Meta (Facebook) Looks to Take on TikTok Next

Facebook and Instagram's parent company has a plan to take over a new segment.