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What's in a Name? For Stock Tickers, Plenty.

Creative stock tickers wedge themselves into the investors' psyche.

Insiders Trading VMW, AMTD, GEEK, AZO

The top 10 open-market insider purchases and sales filed at the SEC Tuesday.

Dirty Thirty: Part 1 -- Outer Space or the Molten Core?

Chartman takes a look at seven of the first 30 Internet stocks to achieve liftoff.

Stocks to Watch: MER, EMC, KLU, FON, TXN, DRTE

Merrill Lynch and HSBC announce a global online banking partnership that excludes the U.S.

Off-Hours Trading: Futures Give Little Guidance Despite Overseas Gains

The early futures action in the U.S. is very modestly negative after yesterday's big rally.

Breaking News

Grim Intel Outlook Tied to Weak PC Demand

We stumbled ... we lost share ... we lost momentum," said CEO Pat Gelsinger.

Fed Inflation Gauge Eases To 4.4% In December As Spending Slumps

Personal spending fell most than expected in December, according to data from the Fed's preferred inflation gauge, helping price pressure ease over the final month of the year.

Hasbro Stock Slumps As Toymaker Cuts Jobs, Expects Weak Holiday Revenues

"While the full-year 2022, and particularly the fourth quarter, represented a challenging moment for Hasbro, we are confident in our Blueprint 2.0 strategy," said CEO Chris Cocks.