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Why Palo Alto Networks Investors Are Feeling More Secure

Palo Alto's next-generation security technology will remain in high demand, and so will the stock.

Palo Alto Networks Is Too Good to Be Left Alone

With the company now performing so well and most of the uncertainty removed, that's the only question.

Why Palo Alto Networks Deserves California Love

On the basis of long-term, double-digit revenue and free cash flow growth, I project fair value to reach $90 by the second half of the year.

Cisco Remains a Buy Ahead of Earnings

In the next 18 months, patient investors can expect Cisco to trade north of $30 per share on the basis of long-term free-cash-flow growth and margin expansion.

Fortinet Must Secure Market Share

As dominant as its products may be, Fortinet may remain a laggard for the foreseeable future.

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Tips for Retirees to Deal with Falling Stocks and Bonds

The markets' slide particularly hurts retirees, who may have to sell some of their stocks and bonds to finance spending.

Your Car Will Likely Be More Expensive

Ford has recently cast a shadow over the auto industry.

Short Sellers Targeted Commodities in September

Short sellers reversed course and sold $19 billion of shorts in September.

Alphabet CEO Pichai Continues to Sound Alarm About the Economy

The parent company of Google and Youtube is preparing for a sharp deterioration in the health of the economy.