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iShares MSCI Brazil ETF News

What Are Top Hedge Funds Buying and Avoiding? Here Are Some Answers

A study of SEC filings from prominent asset managers turns up some clear investing trends.

Is it Finally Time to Bet on the Emerging Market Trade?

After disappointing investors for years, EMs are finally showing signs of life this winter.

Brazil Stocks Hit Record High Bolsonaro Sweeps To Power Amid Pro-Business Agenda

Brazilian stocks are set open at the highest level in several months Monday following a decisive victory for free-market proponent Jair Bolsonaro in yesterday's Presidential elections that could trigger moves to privatize some of Latin America's biggest companies amid broader economic reforms.

Brazilian Politics Send Call Prices Soaring

Investors may have believed that the stock of EWZ had recently made a bullish double-bottom technical chart pattern, as well has had the foresight to believe any change in the country's politics may be a boost to the local economy.

Brazil Is the Only Emerging Market You Should Own Right Now: Chart

Emerging markets have been awful performers in 2018, but that could be about to change.

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Tesla Stock Slides On Reports of California Layoffs, Office Closure

Tesla has reportedly closed its San Mateo office, and laid off 200 employees, as it begins a wave of cost cuts throughout the carmaker's global operations.

Nike Stock Slides As As Margin Pressures, China Worries Offset Q4 Earnings Beat

"We think we're well positioned for growth in fiscal year 2023 ... having said that, we did take a cautious approach to Greater China," said CFO Matthew Friend.

New Tesla Product Is a Wish for Fans Hit by Inflation

The manufacturer of premium and high-end electric vehicles became the most profitable American carmaker in the first quarter of 2022.

Walgreens Stock Slides As Group Scraps Plan to Sell UK-based Boots

"As a result of market instability ... no third party has been able to make an offer that adequately reflects the high potential value of Boots," Walgreens said.