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Eco-Stim Energy Solutions, Inc. News

These 5 stocks under $10 could ignite soon

Here's a technical look at how to trade several under-$10 stocks triggering breakout trades.

10 oilfield services stocks to ride through an upturn

With oil prices approaching the $50 mark, analysts say it may be time to buy the shares of such high-performing prospects as Eco-Stim Energy, Nabors Industries and Halliburton.

Insider Trading Alert - ESES, SFBS And EA Traded By Insiders

Stocks with insider trader activity include ESES, SFBS and EA

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President Biden To Sign Bill Preventing Rail Strike 'Catastrophe' Following Senate Approval

"Working together, we have spared this country a Christmas catastrophe in our grocery stores, in our workplaces, and in our communities," President Biden said

Jobs Report Shows Big Wage Gains, 263,000 New Hires In November

A hotter-than-expected reading for wage gains in Friday's November jobs report has reignited inflation concerns in the world's biggest economy.

Boeing Stock Surges On Report of 787 Dreamliner Order By United Airlines

Boeing could be close to a major win over rival Airbus amid reports of a big 787 Dreamliner order by United Airlines.

Elon Musk's Latest Twitter Move Looks Like an Act of Desperation

Twitter is desperate for revenue. It has a $13 billion debt burden, but hasn’t showed a profit for eight of the last 10 years.